Nails + Waxing


Chevalrie offers Nufree products, the next generation in hair removal. Nufree may be applied like wax, but unlike wax, it is a natural, soy-based, antibacterial/antimicrobial, botanical formula. It contains no wax, no sugar, no honey, and no animal products. But what makes the Nufree experience uniquely different from wax is that it never sticks to the skin, never dries, and can be erased. These botanical advantages make it safe for the entire body.

Upper Lip$15
Full Face$40
Half Leg$45
Full Leg$65
Women Only
Women Only
Bikini or Brazilian Cool Down$10


Lash Tint$17
Brow Tint$17

Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a therapy that uses pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy and accelerate the release of endorphins throughout the entire body by stimulating reflex points with pressure and manipulation. As one of the most relaxing forms of massage, reflexology restores balance by reducing stress, stimulating circulation in the feet, and revitalizing energy.

15-minute session$15